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Is training a  necessity?

Training should be supported by top management; it should be aligned with the strategic goals of the organisation and it should address the correct individual and organisational needs as per the Workplace Skills Plan.

Insite Training has been educating and developing thousands of South Africans for more than 16 years, enabling proficiency in technical, research, administrative and people skills. From engineers to scientists, personal assistants to project managers – Insite Training has the breadth and depth of expertise to address your training needs.


Benefits of training:

  • It provides the competitive edge.
  • Training cultivates a positive attitude and keeps employees motivated.
  • Investment in the personal growth of employees is reciprocated with more commitment from the same.
  • Training investments cultivate long term growth through the development of skills, concepts and attitudes.
  • Furthermore, higher levels of efficiency will reduce unnecessary costs due to repetition, and time wasted on explaining procedures.
  • Lower staff turnover means a more productive, enthusiastic and motivated workforce.